Distributing apps in the European Union

Core Technology Fee invoice fields

Report Field


Customer Number

Apple's internal Reference Number used to designate the Developer Account.

Invoice Number

Invoice reference number (to be quoted while making the payment).

Invoice Date

The date on which the invoice was issued.

Billing Period

The date range for which the invoice was created.

Payment Terms

The amount of time to make the payment.

Due Date

Payment to Apple is due by this date. This date is 30 days after the invoice was issued.

Customer Name and Address

Developer's legal entity name and address. To update this, contact us.


Developer Contact Name. To update this, contact us.

App Name

The name of the app that has accumalated first annual installs over the free threshold.

Amount (EUR)

The amount owed in EUR.


The amount owed in the developer's local currency (if applicable).


The exchange rate used to calculate the CTF in developer's chosen currency.

Payable Amount

The amount owed in the Developer's chosen currency.

Core Technology Fee

Total monthly fees exclusive of any applicable surcharge, and taxes.


Additional fee to offset cost of certain government-imposed taxes – such as digital services taxes, etc. – in specific jurisdictions.

Sub Total

Total monthly Fees and applicable surcharge, exclusive of any applicable taxes.


Applicable taxes applied to the Sub Total, as required by tax law. Examples include, but are not limited to value-added tax (VAT), sales and use tax, sales and service tax (SST), goods and services tax (GST), and consumption tax, etc.


The total amount owed.

Account Name

Account Number





Bank Address

Bank details to be used to pay Apple.