Transfer an app

App transfer criteria

The app must meet the following criteria to be transferable:

  • Both the transferor and recipient accounts can’t be in a pending or changing state, and the latest version of their paid and free agreements must be accepted.

    Note: If the transferor has accepted the Alternative Terms Addendum for Apps Distributed in the European Union (EU), the recipient must also agree to the Alternative Terms Addendum for Apps Distributed in the EU in order to accept an app transfer.

  • The app must have had at least one version that's been approved for distribution.

  • The app can’t currently be available for pre-order in any countries or regions.

  • The app can’t have one of the following app statuses:

    Processing for Distribution

    Waiting for Review

    In Review


    Pending Developer Release

    Pending Apple Release

  • In-app purchase products should have one of the following statuses:


    Ready to Submit

    Developer Removed from Sale


  • In-app purchase product IDs on the app can’t be the same as product IDs on any apps in the recipient’s account.

  • TestFlight beta testing should be turned off for all beta versions of the app. You must remove all builds and testers from the app you want transferred and clear each information field below Test Information for every localization.

  • All Xcode Cloud related data from the app you want transferred must be removed. Remove all Xcode Cloud data from Settings under the Xcode Cloud tab in App Store Connect.

  • Mac apps that have used the sandbox environment and share the Application Group Container Directory with other Mac apps can't be transferred.

  • Apple Arcade apps can’t be transferred.