View App Analytics

Download App Analytics Reports

You can download your apps’ data from App Analytics by using the App Store Connect API.

The data is available in the following reports:

App Store Engagement

App Store Commerce

  • App Store Downloads. Understand your total number of downloads, including first-time downloads, redownloads, updates, and more.

  • App Store Purchases. Measure your total revenue generated on the App Store, attribute sales to download sources and page types, and measure how many paying users you have.

  • App Store Pre-Orders. Measure the success of your app’s pre-orders, broken down by date, region, and source type.

App Usage

  • App Installations and Deletions. Measure the number of times users install and delete your apps.

  • App Sessions. Measure how often users open your apps, and the average session duration. Use this report to understand user retention.

  • App Crashes. Measure crashes by app version and device type to determine how different versions of your app are performing on users’ devices.

  • App Clip Usage. Measure how users engage with your App Clips, including the number of App Clip card views, App Clip installations, App Clip Sessions, and session duration.