Test a beta version

Provide export compliance for beta builds

If you haven’t specified your use of encryption for a build, the status of the beta build is Missing Compliance. You can answer the required export compliance questions or attach previously approved documentation in the TestFlight section.

Required role: Account Holder, Admin, or App Manager. View role permissions.

  1. From My Apps, select your app.

  2. Click the TestFlight tab.

  3. In the sidebar, below Builds, click the platform.

  4. In the Build column in the table on the right, click the app icon or build string for the build that’s missing compliance information.

    Export compliance for TestFlight

    Alternatively, you can click Manage next to the build that’s missing compliance to answer the required questions, or click Choose File to provide previously approved documentation.

  5. Click Provide Export Compliance Information, and answer the required questions.

  6. If export compliance documentation is required, click Go to Encryption Page to upload your file. Once your documentation is approved, Apple will provide you with a key value to enter in Xcode so you won’t need to answer encryption questions with each app submission. Learn more about uploading export compliance documentation.

    If documentation isn’t required, click Save. You can specify your use of encryption directly in the app's Info.plist file in Xcode to let us know that your app doesn’t use encryption or is exempt from providing documentation, and you won’t need to answer encryption questions with each app submission.