Viewing and Changing Your App’s Metadata

After you create an iTunes Connect record for an app, the app appears in the My Apps section in iTunes Connect. You open the app record from here whenever you need to access the app information.

In addition to the metadata and configuration options you provide for the app, iTunes Connect organizes app information that can be shared across different platforms and information that is specific to each platform individually. This chapter describes how you access the information and how and when you can update it. For information on updating the build for an app, see Replacing Your App with a New Version.

To manage an existing app you must have access to it in one of the following roles: Admin, Technical, App Manager, Developer, or Marketer.

Viewing App Information

You can view the app metadata as entered in iTunes Connect and as it will appear in the store for a given language. After you upload an app build, you can view the information iTunes Connect reads from the build, including the binary size.

Viewing an App

If your user account doesn’t have the appropriate access, you won’t see the My Apps section on the iTunes Connect homepage. To be able to add an app, contact a user in your organization with an Admin role to give you access. Find a user with an Admin role as described in Viewing, Editing, and Deleting iTunes Connect Users.

To view the iTunes Connect record for an app

  1. As an iTunes Connect user with an appropriate role, sign in to iTunes Connect.

  2. On the iTunes Connect homepage, click My Apps.

  3. A list of all apps appears. Click on one of the icons at the top-right to choose whether to see the apps presented in a list or in a grid with large icons.


    Select the app you’re interested in. If you don’t see the app you’re looking for, find it by doing one of the following:

    • Use the Search box as described in Searching for Apps.

    • Use the Types and Statuses menus to narrow down the number of apps listed.




Searching for Apps

If you don’t see the app you are looking for on the My Apps page, you can search for the app using a variety of criteria.

To search for an app

  1. On the iTunes Connect homepage, click My Apps.

  2. To filter the list by app type or status, use the pull-downs to the right of the Search box.

  3. In the Search box, choose the criteria you want to use to search for an app. The view starts filtering the list of apps as soon as you start typing.

    • Name. Choose the search criteria and enter the name or a portion of the name.

    • Apple ID. Enter the Apple ID of the app. This value must match exactly to return an app.

    • SKU. Enter the SKU of the app.

    If no apps are listed, then the criteria you typed do not match any apps.

In the search results, clicking the name of an app opens the App Details page, which shows both version-level and app-level information:

  • To open the information for a specific platform or version, click the platform version from the left pane.

  • The platform version information is broken out into sections, starting with the information that can be localized followed by additional sections of version-specific configuration information.

Viewing Build Details

After you upload the app build to iTunes Connect, iTunes Connect reads information from the build to present it properly in the store. You can view a summary of the build information by selecting the build number from All Builds under Activity. Build information and identifiers are valuable when communicating with Apple support teams about your app.

To view build details

  1. Click Activity.

  2. Select the build number from All Builds for the specific platform.

  3. Click Build Details.

From Activity you can also view the status change history for a version by clicking App Store Versions for the platform.

Viewing an App in the Store

If your app includes a version that’s Ready for Sale, you can open the store page for the app directly from iTunes Connect.

To view an app in the store

  1. Open the App Details page for the app, as described in Creating an iTunes Connect Record for an App.

  2. From the App Information section under App Store, scroll to the Additional Information section.

  3. Click View on App Store.

Viewing and Editing Shared App Information

Shared app information comprises details shared by app platform versions:

* Can be edited at any time.

Information that is localizable must be changed for each localization individually by selecting the language from the dropdown.

To edit shared metadata while the app is live, there must be at least one platform in an editable state. Changes are made directly to the items and reflected in iTunes Connect immediately. The field will show as highlighted until the changes are approved to go live on the App Store. Clicking on the field name will allow you to view the current live information. Any changes made to shared metadata will automatically be reviewed with the next platform that is submitted for review.

Platform-specific information is specific to the platform selected:

* Can be edited at any time. To edit this information, select the Ready for Sale version from the platform header in the left pane, edit the desired field and then click Save. Changes will reflect on the App Store within 24 hours.

** While the app rating is selected for each platform individually, the rating will be set on the app level and be determined by the highest rated platform version. The final app rating will be displayed under App Information.

Information that is localizable must be changed for each localization individually by selecting the language from the dropdown.

To edit platform specific metadata while the app is live you must create a new version by clicking the + Version or Platform button.

In addition to changing store metadata, you can also change the territories in which the app is available and app pricing, as described in Scheduling Price Tier Changes. You can update and add additional in-app purchase products for an app that is Ready for Sale, as described in Creating In-App Purchase Products in In-App Purchase Configuration Guide for iTunes Connect.

Changes you make to this information are posted immediately. Expect 24 hours for a full refresh of the changes on the store.

If you’re changing other information that isn’t listed as editable, you need to create a new app version and resubmit it. See Replacing Your App with a New Version.

If the app version doesn’t have the Ready for Sale status, check to see whether the status allows any editing (see About App Statuses). Refer to iTunes Connect Properties for which properties can be changed.