Creating an iTunes Connect Record for an App

Before you can upload an app for distribution on the App Store or Mac App Store, you create a record in iTunes Connect. This record includes all the information that appears on the store for the app, and all the information needed to manage the app through the distribution process. If appropriate for your app, the record also includes information to configure your app to use store technologies such as in-app purchases or Game Center.

You need to be the team agent or a user with an Admin, Technical, or App Manager role to add an app to iTunes Connect. If your user account doesn’t have the appropriate access, you don’t see the My Apps section on the iTunes Connect homepage. Contact a user in your organization with an Admin role to give you access to be able to add an app. See also What Is a Team Agent?.

To add an iTunes Connect record for a new app

  1. Sign in to iTunes Connect.

  2. On the iTunes Connect homepage, click My Apps.


    The first time you see the My Apps page in iTunes Connect, it’s blank. After you’ve created your first app record, you’ll see it listed here.

  3. Click the plus sign in the top-left corner to add the new app.

  4. If you have contracts in effect, select your app type:

    • New App (this includes iOS apps,  iMessage apps, including sticker packs, and  tvOS  apps)

    • New Mac App

    The choices don’t appear if you have not signed a contract.

  5. Select a platform and Fill in the fields on the New App page to enter iTunes Connect properties for the app.


    If you choose to limit access to the app, users whose roles can be limited and who are not selected will not be able to see the app in iTunes Connect. Users with the Admin, Technical, Finance or Reports role cannot have limited app access, so they will see all apps. If you do not select any users in the Limit User Access section, everyone will have access to the app.

  6. Click Create, and watch for messages that indicate missing information.

    iTunes Connect shows messages at the top of the page or in a dialog to indicate problems that need to be resolved before the app record can be saved.

    If the record saves successfully, the App Details page appears with App Store selected, showing the App Information section. The platforms selected are displayed below in the first state, Prepare for Submission.

    iTunes Connect lets you add the information you planned when reading Identifying Your App in iTunes Connect. If you want to see the specific requirements for a particular option, find the option in the list shown in iTunes Connect Properties.

After you’ve created the initial iTunes Connect record, you may have additional app information to configure, such as the following:

After you provide all of the app information, you’re ready to complete the process with these final steps:

If you aren’t able to complete the process of submitting an app in one session, you can come back to the iTunes Connect record for the app at a later time. Open the App Details page for the app to access all operations you can perform on the app record.

To open the App Details page for an app

  1. Sign in to iTunes Connect.

  2. Click My Apps.

  3. Select the app you want to view.

    You can use Search or filtering menus to find the app. See Searching for Apps.

The App Store page opens with App Information selected, which is information that can be shared across multiple platforms.


The next chapters provide details about the additional, and potentially optional, app configuration steps:

If your app doesn’t require any of these additional configurations, you’re ready for TestFlight Beta Testing (iOS, tvOS, watchOS) and Submitting the App to App Review.