In-App Purchase is an Apple technology that allows your users to purchase content and services from within your app. You set up In-App Purchase products through iTunes Connect, a suite of web-based tools. You implement In-App Purchase in your app using the Store Kit framework.

For example, you can use In-App Purchase to implement any of the following scenarios:

After you’ve designed one or more products to make available in your app, you’re ready to add In-App Purchase configuration information in iTunes Connect.


If you aren’t already familiar with In-App Purchase, read Getting Started with In-App Purchase on iOS and OS X and Adding In-App Purchase to your iOS and Mac Apps. If you aren’t already familiar with iTunes Connect, read iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

At a Glance

Use iTunes Connect to add, set up testing for, submit, and manage your In-App Purchase product configurations.

Configure Your In-App Purchase Products

After you’ve created an iTunes Connect record for your app, you can configure the In-App Purchase products that you want to make available through your app.

Test Your In-App Purchase Products

Test the In-App Purchase products you’ve configured to make sure they appear in your app’s store and to make sure that financial transactions work properly.

Submit Your In-App Purchase Products for Review

After you’ve included all the information for a product and tested to make sure it appears in your app’s store, you are ready to submit the product for review and to make it available on the store.

Manage the In-App Purchase Products Available in Your App

After an In-App Purchase product is approved and ready for sale, you can continue to manage its display, pricing, and availability on the store.


To configure In-App Purchase content in iTunes Connect, you need access to:

See Also

As you include In-App Purchase products in your apps, you may want to refer to these additional Apple resources, which describe the associated business and development guidelines and requirements:

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