Working with Your Product’s Status

After you create an In-App Purchase product record in iTunes Connect, the product appears in the In-App Purchases page for the app. This chapter describes the status values used to describe the state of the products and shows you how to change a product’s status, its availability on the store, and its pricing.

To manage In-App Purchase products, you must be signed in to iTunes Connect as a user with the appropriate role.

About In-App Purchase Product Statuses

Just like apps, In-App Purchase products are marked with a status. This status indicates where the products are in the process of making them available for purchase or download.

In-App Purchase products have statuses such as "Ready to Submit" or "Approved" ) or a status indicator (such as ../Art/status_green_2x.png, ../Art/status_yellow_2x.png, or ../Art/status_red_2x.png). The status tells you immediately whether your product needs attention.

Read the version status text in Table 5-1 to understand what may be preventing your product from being available. This table lists every available status that can be assigned to your In-App Purchase.

Table 5-1  In-App Purchase product statuses


Status Name



Waiting for Screenshot

Your In-App Purchase product has been created, but you have not yet uploaded a screenshot.


Ready to Submit

You have uploaded all the metadata needed for the product, but you have not yet sent it to Apple for review.

The product must have this status to be associated with an app version release, as described in To submit the first In-App Purchase product for an app. After testing the product, you can submit it for review.


Waiting for Upload

Your In-App Purchase product content has not been uploaded yet. This status only applies to non-consumable products that are set to be hosted by Apple.


Processing Content

Your In-App Purchase product content delivery is processing.


Waiting For Review

You have submitted your In-App Purchase product to be reviewed by Apple.

You can make edits to the product while it is in this status.


In Review

Your In-App Purchase product is currently being reviewed by Apple. Only edits to the product’s reference name, pricing, and availability can be made when it has this status.



Apple has approved your In-App Purchase to go live on the App Store with its associated app.

For this status to appear, the In-App Purchase must be cleared for sale in iTunes Connect. If it is not cleared for sale, the status appears as Developer Removed from Sale.

If the product is being released with an app version, the product won’t have an Approved status until the app is approved.



Apple has rejected your In-App Purchase product during the review process. If you have not already been contacted by Apple with more information about your rejection, you can inquire through Contact Us.

You have the option to cancel the change or make additional edits to the details to be compliant with Apple guidelines. Your In-App Purchase product status changes to Developer Action Needed if there is a detail in the In-App Purchase that requires a change by you.


Developer Action Needed

The In-App Purchase product changes that you submitted have been rejected. You are required to take action to edit the detail information or cancel the request to change the detail information before this In-App Purchase can be reviewed again.


Developer Removed from Sale

You have marked your In-App Purchase as not cleared for sale in iTunes Connect.

If you clear the product for sale, the status changes to Approved.


Removed from Sale

Appears when Apple removes an In-App Purchase product from sale.

Changing Product Pricing

You can change the pricing for an In-App Purchase product at any time.

To change product pricing
  1. Go to In-App Purchases under Features for the app, as described in To view In-App Purchase product configuration information.

  2. Click the In-App Purchase product you want to edit.

  3. In the In-App Purchase Summary section, click Edit.

  4. Make changes to the summary information.

    • If you want to replace the existing Price Tier, select the new Price Tier, then set the Price Effective Date to Now and the Price End Date to None. Click Add to Schedule.

    • If you want to have the product price change at some date in the future, select the future Price Tier, then set the Price Effective Date and Price End Date to define the interval for the new price. Click Add to Schedule.

  5. Click Save.

    The new values appear in the In-App Purchase Summary and are effective immediately. Apple doesn’t review these changes. Remember that changes made to your app or In-App Purchases can take up to 24 hours to appear on the App Store.

Controlling Product Availability

In-App Purchase products are available worldwide and aren’t limited by territory. This availability ensures a seamless customer experience. For example, if an app is purchased in Germany and the customer moves to Turkey, the customer can still access products within the app even if the app has never been available in Turkey. If you need to restrict product access for some reason, you develop a solution from inside the app.

Removing Products from Sale

You can choose to stop an In-App Purchase product from being sold in an app. If you do, the In-App Purchase product remains in iTunes Connect.

To remove an In-App Purchase product from sale
  1. Open the In-App Purchases page for the app, as described in To view In-App Purchase product configuration information.

  2. Click the In-App Purchase product you want to remove.

  3. In the In-App Purchase summary section, click Edit.

  4. Set Cleared for Sale to No.

  5. Click Save.

    The status of the In-App Purchase product changes to Developer Removed from Sale. Users won’t see this product for sale through the app.

Returning Products to Sale

After you’ve removed an In-App Purchase product from sale through your app, you can return it to sale if you want.

To return an In-App Purchase product to sale
  • Follow the instructions To remove an In-App Purchase product from sale but set Cleared for Sale to Yes.

    The status of the In-App Purchase product changes to Approved, and the product is available for users to purchase through the app.

Discontinuing an Auto-Renewable Subscription

Apps in the Magazines and Newspaper category need at least one active Auto-Renewable Subscription to be listed on the App Store. If you are a Magazines and Newspapers app and wish to discontinue the only Auto-Renewable Subscription in your app, you will have to switch to a different category and submit a new binary to iTunes Connect. After that, you will be able to remove the Auto-Renewable Subscription from your app.

To discontinue an Auto-Renewable Subscription
  1. If you wish to discontinue an auto-renewable subscription, you should consider your customer impact before doing so. For example, with a one month subscription you should remove your subscription from sale 30 days prior to the date your last content will be issued or available. This will allow customers to receive the full duration of content before you stop providing it and they will no longer renew or be charged on their subscription renewal date. This should apply accordingly for the different subscription durations: 7 days prior for a 7 day subscription and 6 months prior for a 6 month subscription, etc.

  2. If you are unable to remove your subscription with the appropriate amount of lead time to provide the full amount of content through the duration of a customer’s subscription period, you should contact Apple at Contact Us.

Deleting Products

You can delete In-App Purchase products after they’re created, but not if they’re In Review. To delete a product after it is available for sale, you must first remove it from sale. See Removing Products from Sale.

To delete an In-App Purchase
  1. Remove the In-App Purchase product from sale, as described in Removing Products from Sale.

  2. In the product’s configuration page, click Delete.

  3. Click Delete to confirm.