Universal Purchase of iOS and tvOS Apps

Let your customers enjoy your app on both iOS and tvOS with a single purchase on the App Store. By enabling universal purchase of your app in App Store Connect, you can provide a seamless experience for your users on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and the new Apple TV.


To distribute your iOS app and tvOS app together with a universal purchase, both apps need to use the same app record in App Store Connect. You can create a new app for both iOS and tvOS using the same app record or add a platform to your existing app record. The iOS app and tvOS app share the same bundle ID but must have their own version in the app record and must be uploaded separately. The iOS app and tvOS app may have different version numbers and build strings.


When your tvOS app and iOS app are ready to be published, submit both versions for review. Your app will be available as a universal purchase after both versions have been approved. It’s important to note that once both versions have been approved by App Review, you cannot disable universal purchase and cannot remove either version individually from sale.

If you release your tvOS app or iOS app separately with different app records, you will not be able to make them a universal purchase at a later date. If you’re undecided on enabling universal purchase, you can release your app on one platform and enable it for universal purchase at a later date by releasing both the iOS app and tvOS app using the same app record in App Store Connect.

In-App Purchases

To make an In-App Purchase available on both platforms, you’ll need to implement the same In-App Purchase in both versions of your app. After you’ve enabled your app for universal purchase in My Apps on App Store Connect, customers can restore your In-App Purchases on both platforms. Learn more about In-App Purchase

App Analytics

App Analytics in App Store Connect lets you measure user engagement, marketing campaigns, and monetization of your iOS apps and tvOS apps. If you have a universal purchase enabled, you can see how many iOS users acquired with your marketing campaigns also downloaded and opened the same app on Apple TV. Learn more about App Analytics

App Bundles

App bundles on the App Store offer an easy way for customers to purchase up to 10 of your paid iOS apps at a reduced price. Apps enabled for universal purchase and that have both iOS and tvOS versions can be included in an app bundle. Apps that contain only a tvOS version cannot be part of an app bundle. Learn more about app bundles

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