Manage your app's availability

Overview of publishing your app

This is the general workflow for publishing an app to the App Store.

Step 1: Choose your build

Each app can have multiple versions, and each version can have multiple builds. To publish your app on the App Store, choose which build to submit to review.

Step 2: Set pricing and availability

You must set a price and tax category for your app. Although your app is available in all App Store localizations by default, you can select specific regions for your app instead. You also have the option to publish your app for pre-order.

Step 3: Submit your app for review

You submit your app for review to start the App Review process and to make your app available on the App Store. Before you submit an app, enter all the required metadata and choose if you want to release your app manually or automatically, or if you want to release your app in phases.

Step 4: View your app status and resolve review issues

After you submit your app, the app status changes to Waiting for Review. If there are any issues with your app, read and reply to App Review communications. After your app is approved, it can take up to 24 hours to go live on the App Store.

Step 5: Request promo codes

After your app is approved, you can request promo codes to distribute to users before you make your app available on the App Store. You can distribute the promo codes by email or other means, and the user enters the promo code when purchasing the app.