Overview of iTunes Connect

iTunes Connect is a suite of web-based tools created for developers to submit and manage their apps for sale using the App Store or Mac App Store. It organizes your portfolio of store content, documents, and contact information so that you can easily find and add to the material. iTunes Connect also collects status information, feedback, and earnings information that comes from Apple. This means that you can manage your app sales progress from a single place.

Sign In to iTunes Connect

Before you can use iTunes Connect, you must have an iTunes Connect user account. There are two ways to receive an iTunes Connect account:

The Apple ID and password are the credentials used to access your iTunes Connect user account.

To sign in to iTunes Connect

  1. Go to https://itunesconnect.apple.com.

  2. Enter your Apple ID and password, and click Return.

    After you sign in, the iTunes Connect homepage appears.

Find Functionality by Section

iTunes Connect is divided into sections, each of which organizes the tasks you can accomplish. You see the sections on the iTunes Connect homepage that correspond to the roles assigned to your user account. Table 1-1 describes each section.

Table 1-1  iTunes Connect sections




My Apps. Add, view, and manage your apps on the store. This is where you would configure store technologies such as iCloud, Game Center, in-app purchase, and TestFlight.


App Analytics. View analytics that track user app acquisition, usage, and monetization.

Go to App Analytics Guide to learn more about understanding your analytics.


Sales and Trends. View reports that show sales and download metrics and trends over time.

Go to iTunes Connect Sales and Trends Guide to learn more about reading your sales and trend reports. Sales information is also available using the iTunes Connect app. See Take iTunes Connect with You.


Payments and Financial Reports. View and download your monthly financial reports and payments.

Go to iTunes Connect Payments and Financial Reports Guide to learn how to view your available monthly Financial Report earnings, amount owed, and last payment.


Users and Roles. Add and delete your iTunes Connect users, TestFlight beta testers, or sandbox testers. Change users’ roles and notification settings.


Agreements, Tax, and Banking. Accept the terms of the iOS or Mac Paid Applications Contract. Download a PDF copy of your contract. This is where you would enter tax information and set up electronic banking information to receive earnings payments from Apple.


Resources And Help. Get answers to your questions from Apple developers, from frequently asked questions, by viewing Apple video tutorials and documents, or by contacting an App Store representative.

Take iTunes Connect with You

The iTunes Connect app is an extension of iTunes Connect that presents sales and trend information about your apps. The underlying unit data is the same information that continues to be available to you in the Sales and Trends section in iTunes Connect. You can also view your apps’ customer reviews, reject a build, release an app, and perform other basic app management actions.

iTunes Connect is available on the App Store.

Get Support Through FAQs, Forums, Videos, and More

The Resources and Help section of the iTunes Connect home page gives you access to rich sources of information for distributing apps:

Now that you know how to access the tools, think about what information you want to use to present your app on the store. The next chapter describes the kinds of material you can provide and gives tips on how to make it attractive and compelling to customers.