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2D Graphics
Discuss integrating two-dimensional graphics into your app.
3D Graphics
Discuss integrating three-dimensional graphics into your app.
Prepare and optimize your apps for 5G cellular networks.
Make large-scale mathematical computations and image calculations with high-performance, energy-efficient computation using Accelerate.
Make your apps function for a broad range of users using Accessibility APIs across all Apple platforms.
Discuss designing and creating accessories that complement Apple devices.
Accounts Help users access and manage their external accounts from within your app without requiring them to enter login credentials using Accounts.
Help people keep track of tasks and events that they care about with Live Activities on the Lock Screen, the Dynamic Island, and in StandBy.
AdAttributionKit lets advertisers measure the success of their advertising across multiple channels — all in a way that preserves user privacy.
Provide apps with access to the advertising identifier and a flag that indicates whether the user has chosen to limit ad tracking using AdSupport.
Create and manage OpenGL rendering contexts for use in macOS and perform operations on drawable objects using AGL.
AirPrint allows photo and document printing in your iOS apps and macOS apps without the need to download or install drivers.
AirPlay 2
AirPlay 2 allows users to wirelessly send content from any Apple device to a device enabled with AirPlay.
AirPlay allows users to wirelessly stream content from their iOS device or Mac to devices and accessories compatible with AirPlay.
Analytics & Reporting
Measure your App Store performance and get unique insights with data you won’t find anywhere else using App Analytics in App Store Connect.
Apple File System is the default file system for iOS 10.3 and later, and for macOS High Sierra and later.
Send push notifications to Mac, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS devices through your app using the Apple Push Notifications service (APNs).
App Attest
Validate the integrity of your app before your server provides access to sensitive data.
App Binary
An app binary is a file that contains machine code for a computer to execute.
App Clips
Provide a way to quickly access and experience what your app has to offer. An app clip is a small part of your app that lets users start and finish an experience in seconds, even before downloading your app.
App ID
An App ID is a two-part string used to identify one or more apps from a single development team.
App Intents
Extend your app’s custom functionality to support system-level services, like Siri and the Shortcuts app.
App Review
App review is the process of evaluating apps and app updates submitted to the App Store to ensure they are reliable, perform as expected, and follow Apple guidelines.
App Sandbox
App Sandbox is a macOS access control technology designed to contain damage to the system and user data if an app becomes compromised.
App Store
The App Store allows users around the world to discover and download your iOS and iPadOS apps.
App Store Connect API
The App Store Connect API helps you automate tasks usually done on the Apple Developer website and App Store Connect.
App Store Connect
App Store Connect is a suite of tools for submitting and managing your apps and in-app purchases on the App Store.
App Store Receipts
Validate app and in-app purchase receipts with the App Store using App Store Receipts.
App Store Server API
Call this REST API from your server to request and provide information about your customers' in-app purchases.
App Store Server Library
The App Store Server Library provides resources and configurations to simplify calling the App Store Server API, verify App Store Server Notifications, use app receipts, access App Store Connect API endpoints, verify App Store signed data, and migrate away from verifyReceipt.
App Store Server Notifications
Monitor subscription events in real time with server notifications from the App Store using App Store Server Notifications.
App Submission
Submit your apps to the App Store using App Store Connect.
App Tracking Transparency
Request user permission to access user data for tracking a user or device.
Construct and manage a graphical, event-driven user interface for your macOS app using AppKit.
Apple Archive
Perform multithreaded lossless compression of directories, files, and data.
Apple Business Manager
Offer custom apps to organizations. Manage your organization's devices, apps, and accounts.
Apple CryptoKit
Perform cryptographic operations securely and efficiently using Apple CryptoKit.
Apple Intelligence
Apple Intelligence is the personal intelligence system that puts powerful generative models right at the core of your iPhone, iPad,a and Mac. It powers incredible new features to help users communicate, work, and express themselves.
Apple Maps Server API
Build maps and location awareness capabilities into your apps.
Apple Music API
Apple Music API integrates streaming music with Apple Music content.
Apple News
Apple News is an iOS, iPadOS, and macOS app that delivers articles from newspapers, magazines, websites, and other sources.
Apple Pay
Provide a fast, easy, and secure way for users to buy goods and services in your app or on your website using Apple Pay.
Apple Pay on the Web
Apple Pay on the Web allows you to accept Apple Pay on your website using JavaScript-based APIs.
Apple Search Ads
Help potential customers discover your app on the App Store with Apple Search Ads.
Apple Silicon
Build apps, libraries, frameworks, plug-ins, and other executable code that run natively on Apple silicon.
Apple TV
Discuss hardware-specific topics related to Apple TV.
Apple Unity Plug-Ins
Connect your game to Game Center, Core Haptics, PHASE audio, accessibility, and game controller frameworks.
Apple Watch
Discuss hardware-specific topics related to Apple Watch.
AppleScript allows users to directly control scriptable Macintosh applications as well as parts of macOS itself.
Application Services
Perform common application tasks using Application Services.
AR Quick Look
Allow users to see incredibly detailed object renderings in real-world surrounding, with support for audio playback, using AR Quick Look.
Discuss augmented reality and virtual reality app capabilities.
Integrate iOS device camera and motion features to produce augmented reality experiences in your app or game using ARKit.
Provide methods of assessment in education apps.
Asset Catalog
An asset catalog is a type of file used to organize and manage different assets and image resolutions used by your app’s user interface.
Integrate music and other audio content into your apps.
Audio Toolbox
Record or play audio, convert formats, parse audio streams, and configure your audio session using AudioToolbox.
Develop drivers for audio devices using AudioDriverKit.
Create audio unit extensions and add sophisticated audio manipulation and processing capabilities to your app using AudioUnit.
Authentication Services
Improve the experience of users when they enter credentials to establish their identity using Authentication Services.
Auto Layout
Create a user interface that dynamically responds to changes in the available screen space using Auto Layout.
Streamline your app's login and onboarding procedures.
Automatic Assessment Configuration
Prevent users from accessing specific system features during high-stakes assessment activities, such as administering an exam.
Support the development of actions for the Automator application and the ability to run a workflow in developer applications using Automator.
Use the AVAudioSession object to communicate to the system how you intend to use audio in your app.
Use a group of connected audio node objects to generate and process audio signals and perform audio input and output.
Use a group of connected audio node objects to generate and process audio signals and perform audio input and output.
Work with audiovisual assets, control device cameras, process audio, and configure system audio interactions using AVFoundation.
Create view-level services for media playback, complete with user controls, chapter navigation, and support for subtitles and closed captioning using AVKit.
Apple Archive
Perform multithreaded lossless compression of directories, files, and data.
Background Assets
Schedule background downloads of large assets during app installation, when the app updates, and periodically while the app remains on-device.
Background Tasks
Request the system to launch your app in the background to run tasks using Background Tasks.
Battery Life
Measure how your application consumes energy.
Beta is the prerelease version of software or hardware.
Develop drivers for block storage devices using BlockStorageDeviceDriverKit.
Bonjour, also known as zero-configuration networking, enables automatic discovery of devices and services on a local network using industry standard.
Bundle ID
A bundle ID is a unique identifier for a single app.
Business and Enterprise
Design great apps that support companies and organizations of all sizes.
Business Models
Discuss various ways to structure your app, such as freemium or paid.
Display the system-calling UI for your app’s VoIP services and coordinate your calling services with other apps and the system using CallKit.
Discuss using the camera on Apple devices.
Help users understand and manage their health with dynamic care plans, symptom tracking, connection to care teams, and more with the CareKit open-source framework.
Add CarPlay support to your navigation app using CarPlay.
Access network services and handle changes in network configurations using CFNetwork.
Automate processes to support local integration testing and continuous integration systems using CloudKit tools.
Manage your CloudKit containers and databases from JavaScript.
Enable teachers to assign activities from your app’s content and to view student progress using ClassKit.
Display app-specific data in the complications on the clock face using ClockKit.
Cloud and Local Storage
Store data locally or in the cloud.
Store structured app and user data in iCloud containers that can be shared by all users of your app using CloudKit.
CloudKit Console
Monitor and manage the CloudKit database containers used by your apps.
CloudKit Dashboard
Monitor and manage the CloudKit database containers used by your apps.
CloudKit JS
CloudKit JS provides access from your web app to your CloudKit app’s containers and databases.
Code Diagnostics
Enable runtime checks to detect and avoid bugs in your code using Code Diagnostics.
Code Signing
Certify that an app was created by you using Code signing, a macOS security technology.
Monitor users, groups, and their attributes using Collaboration.
Find color values and get consistent colors across devices using ColorSync.
Customize handling of asynchronous events by combining event-processing operators using Combine.
Command Line Tools
Command line tools allow for easy installation of open source software or development on UNIX within Terminal.
Communication Safety
Communication Safety helps families to keep children safe, by warning children and providing helpful resources if they receive, or attempt to share photos that likely contain nudity.
Community Management
Discuss effective strategies for creating and sustaining a user community.
Discuss the various compiler and toolchain technologies used in development.
Enable your app to provide lossless compression when saving or sharing files and data using Compression.
Concurrency is the notion of multiple things happening at the same time.
Access the user's contacts and format and localize contact information using Contacts.
Continuity Camera
Support automatic camera switching and high-quality, high-resolution photo capture in your macOS app when iPhone is used as a camera for Mac.
Continuous Integration
Continuous integration is the process of automating and streamlining the building, analyzing, testing, and archiving of your apps, in order to ensure that they are always in a releasable state.
Core Animation
Render, compose, and animate visual elements using Core Animation.
Core Audio Types
Interact with audio streams, complex buffers, and audiovisual timestamps that use specialized data types using Core Audio Types.
Core Audio
Interact with the audio hardware of a device using Core Audio.
Core Audio Kit
Add user interfaces to Cocoa audio units using Core Audio Kit.
Core Bluetooth
Communicate with Bluetooth 4.0 low energy devices using Core Bluetooth.
Core Data
Save your application’s permanent data for offline use, cache temporary data, and add undo functionality to your app on a single device using Core Data.
Core Graphics
Harness the power of Quartz technology to perform lightweight 2D rendering with high-fidelity output using Core Graphics.
Core Haptics
Add customized haptic and audio feedback to your app using Core Haptics.
Core Image
Use built-in or custom filters to process still and video images using Core Image.
Core Location
Obtain the geographic location and orientation of a device using Core Location.
Core Media
Efficiently process media samples and manage queues of media data using Core Media.
Communicate with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) devices using Core MIDI.
Core ML
Integrate machine learning models into your app using Core ML.
Core Motion
Process accelerometer, gyroscope, pedometer, and environment-related events using Core Motion.
Core NFC
Detect NFC tags, read messages that contain NDEF data, and save data to writable tags using Core NFC.
Core Services
Access and manage key operating system services using Core Services.
Core Spotlight
Index your app so users can search the content from Spotlight and Safari using Core Spotlight.
Core Telephony
Access information about a user’s cellular service provider, such as its unique identifier and whether the carrier allows VoIP, using Core Telephony.
Core Text
Create text layouts, optimize font handling, and access font metrics and glyph data using Core Text.
Core Transferable
Declare a transfer representation for your model types to participate in system sharing and data transfer operations.
Core Video
Process digital video using a pipeline-based API and support for both Metal and OpenGL using Core Video.
Provide APIs for querying AirPort interfaces and choosing networks using Core WLAN.
Create ML
Create machine learning models for use in your app using Create ML.
Access security tokens and the cryptographic assets they store using CryptoTokenKit.
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML.
Custom Apps
Design and build customized apps that meet the unique needs of an organization.
Darwin Notify
Send and receive Darwin notifications using Darwin Notify.
Discover and resolve issues with your app.
Create elegant and intuitive apps that integrate seamlessly with Apple platforms.
Developer ID
Developer ID certificates are unique identifiers from Apple that assure users that you are a trusted developer.
Developer Program
Create and deliver software for users around the world on Apple platforms using the the tools, resources, and support included with Apple Developer Program membership.
Developer Tools
Ask questions about the tools you can use to build apps.
Device Activity
Monitor web and app usage through custom time windows and events.
Device Management
Allow administrators to securely and remotely configure enrolled devices using Device Management.
Access per-device, per-developer data that your associated server can use in its business logic using DeviceCheck.
Disk Arbitration
Provide mechanisms for registering for mount/unmount notification and blocking mount/unmount events using DiskArbitration.
Execute code concurrently on multicore hardware by submitting work to dispatch queues managed by the system using Dispatch.
Author and share great documentation for your Swift packages and frameworks.
API to enable control of motorized iPhone stands from within any Camera app.
Develop device drivers that run in user space using DriverKit.
EDR is Apple's High Dynamic Range representation and rendering pipeline.
Education and Kids
Build and optimize your apps for kids and the classroom.
Teach students of all ages to code in Swift using a variety of resources in your curriculum.
Endpoint Security
Develop system extensions that enhance user security using Endpoint Security.
The Apple Developer Enterprise Program allows large organizations to develop and deploy proprietary, internal-use apps to their employees.
Entitlements allow specific capabilities or security permissions for your apps.
Create, view, and edit calendar and reminder events using EventKit and EventKitUI. Request read-only, write-only, or full-access to Calendar data.
Exception Handling
Monitor and debug exceptional conditions in code using Exception Handling.
Exposure Notification
Implement a COVID-19 exposure notification system that protects user privacy.
Give users access to your app's functionality and content throughout iOS and macOS using extensions.
External Graphics Processors
Bring additional performance to your professional apps, 3D games, VR content creation pipelines, and more using external graphics processors.
External Accessory
Communicate with accessories connected to a device by the Apple Lightning connector or through Bluetooth using External Accessory.
Face ID
Securely unlock devices, authenticate purchases, sign in to apps, and more with facial recognition using Face ID.
Face Sharing
Share watch faces for Apple Watch within your watchOS and iOS apps or host them on the web for anyone to find and download.
FairPlay Streaming
Securely deliver streaming media to devices through the HTTP Live Streaming protocol using FairPlay Streaming (FPS).
Family Controls
Prevent access to the Screen Time API without guardian approval and provide opaque tokens that represent apps and websites.
Feedback Assistant Use Feedback Assistant to report issues and give suggestions about using Apple software and developing for Apple platforms.
File Provider
Allow other apps to access the documents and directories stored and managed by your containing app using FileProvider.
Files and Storage
Ask questions about file systems and block storage.
Finder Sync
Enhance the Finder’s user interface by adding badges, shortcut menu items, and toolbar buttons using Finder Sync.
Locate devices and belongings in the Find My app.
Adjust your app’s behavior and filter incoming notifications based on the user's Focus settings.
Force Feedback
Control force feedback devices attached to the system and develop plugins that enable communication with force feedback hardware using Force Feedback.
Forums Feedback
Provide feedback on or request enhancements to the Apple Developer Forums.
Access essential data types, collections, and operating-system services to define the base layer of functionality for your app using Foundation.
Ask questions about APIs that can drive features in your apps.
Interface with FireWire audio devices to manage connections, audio engines, and audio and MIDI streams using FWAUserLib.
Game Controller
Support hardware game controllers in your game using Game Controller.
Create apps that allow players to interact with each other using GameKit.
Game Porting Toolkit
Provides an emulation environment to run your existing, unmodified Windows game on the Mac.
Architect and organize your game logic and incorporate common gameplay behaviors in your app using GameplayKit.
Discuss games on Apple platforms.
Gatekeeper on macOS helps protect users from downloading and installing malicious software by checking for a Developer ID certificate from apps distributed outside the Mac App Store.
Speed up OpenGL ES or OpenGL app development using GLKit.
Graphical Debugger
Debug your app directly within the Xcode editor using Graphical Debugger.
Graphics and Games
Build captivating gaming experiences for Apple platforms.
Group Activities
Build captivating gaming experiences for Apple platforms.
Conduct secure and authenticated network transactions using the Generic Security Service Application Programming Interface (GSS).
Allow users to start an activity on one device and seamlessly resume the activity on another device running iOS, iPadOS, or macOS using Handoff.
Health and Fitness
Use HealthKit to enable your iOS and watchOS apps to work with the Apple Health app.
Access and share health and fitness data while maintaining the user’s privacy and control using HealthKit.
Develop drivers for devices that users interact with using HIDDriverKit.
Communicate with, configure, and control home automation accessories using HomeKit.
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser.
HTTP Live Streaming
Send audio and video over HTTP from an ordinary web server for playback on Mac, iOS, and tvOS devices using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).
Build virtualization solutions on top of a lightweight hypervisor without the need for third-party kernel extensions using Hypervisor.
iCloud Drive
iCloud Drive safely stores any kind of file so it can be accessed in iCloud-enabled apps on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC.
iCloud Keychain Verification Codes
Use verification codes that are integrated with iCloud Keychain.
Image I/O
Read and write most image file formats, manage color, access image metadata using Image I/O.
In-App Purchase
Offer extra content, digital goods, and features directly within your app using in-app purchases.
Develop input methods and manage communication with client applications, candidates windows, and input method modes using InputMethodKit.
Manage and customize the installation and distribution experience using InstallerJS.
Instruments is a performance-analysis and testing tool for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS apps.
Share intents from within an app to drive system intelligence and show the app's actions inside the Shortcuts app.
Inter-process communication
Share data through Handoff, support universal links to your app's content, and display activity-based services to the user using inter-process communication.
Interaction Design
Create engaging ways for users to interact with your software.
Interface Builder
Build interfaces for applications without writing code using Interface Builder, an editor within Xcode.
Make your app available to an international audience by adapting it to multiple languages, regions, and cultures.
Gain user-space access to Bluetooth devices using IOBluetooth.
Gain user-space access to hardware devices and drivers using IOKit.
iOS is the operating system for iPhone.
Share hardware-accelerated buffer data across multiple processes and frameworks using IOSurface.
Create host-mode user space drivers for USB devices using IOUSBHost.
Discuss hardware-specific topics related to iPad.
iPad and iOS apps on visionOS
Discussion about running existing iPad and iOS apps directly on Apple Vision Pro.
iPadOS is the operating system for iPad.
Discuss hardware-specific topics related to iPhone.
iTunes Library
Retrieve the properties of the media in the user’s iTunes library.
Discuss the JavaScript programing language.
Evaluate JavaScript programs from within an app and support JavaScript scripting of your app using JavaScriptCore.
Allow interapplication communication between apps on macOS using JavaScript for Automation.
Use the Heimdal implementation of Kerberos for secure authentication on Apple devices.
Kerberos Extension
Enable single sign-on with Windows Active Directory.
Develop kernel-resident device drivers and kernel extensions using Kernel.
Latent Semantic Mapping
Classify text and other token-based content into developer-defined categories using Latent Semantic Mapping.
Use dyld to link in frameworks at runtime. Use ld to make your programs and link archive libraries at build time.
Link Presentation
Fetch, provide, and present rich links in your app using LinkPresentation.
LivePhotosKit JS
Play Live Photos on the web using LivePhotosKit JS.
Live Text
Enable text interactions, translation, data detection, and QR code scanning within any image view on iOS, iPadOS, or macOS.
The LLDB command-line debugger provides underlying debugging services for development on all Apple platforms.
The LLVM compiler is the next-generation compiler introduced in Xcode 3.2 for Snow Leopard based on the open source project.
Local Authentication
Authenticate users biometrically or with a passphrase using Local Authentication.
Localization is the process of adapting and translating your app to multiple languages.
Mac App Store
The Mac App Store allows users around the world to discover and download your macOS apps.
Discuss hardware-specific topics related to Mac.
Mac Catalyst
Start building a native Mac app from your current iPad app using Mac Catalyst.
Machine Learning
Create intelligent features and enable new experiences for your apps by leveraging powerful on-device machine learning.
macOS is the operating system for Mac.
Mail Extensions
Use Mail Extensions for composition, message actions, secure email, and content blocking in the Mail app.
Managed Settings
Set restrictions for certain settings, such as locking accounts in place, preventing password modification, filtering web traffic, and shielding apps.
MapKit JS
Embed interactive Apple maps on your website, annotate points of interest, and perform geo-related searches using MapKit JS.
Display map or satellite imagery from your app's interface, call out points of interest, and determine placemark information for map coordinates using MapKit.
Maps and Location
Build maps and location awareness capabilities into your apps.
Maps Web Snapshots
Create a static image of a map from a URL using Maps Web Snapshots.
Discuss how to reach users and help them understand the value of your app.
Matter is an IP-based connectivity protocol that is a royalty-free connectivity standard enabling communications among a wide range of smart devices.
Media Player
Find and play songs, audio podcasts, audio books, and more from within your app using Media Player.
Integrate photo, audio, and video content into your apps.
Media Accessibility
Coordinate the presentation of closed-captioned data for your app's media files using Media Accessibility.
Media Library
Access read-only collections of the user’s multimedia content using Media Library.
Create app extensions that lets users send text, stickers, media files, and interactive messages using Messages.
Messages for Business
Messages for Business is a service that allows your organization to communicate directly with your customers using the Messages app.
Metal Performance Shaders
Optimize graphics and compute performance with kernels that are fine-tuned for the unique characteristics of each Metal GPU family using Metal Performance Shaders.
Render advanced 3D graphics and perform data-parallel computations using graphics processors using Metal.
MetalFX provides platform-optimized graphics effects for apps built with Metal. Render complex scenes in less time per frame with high-performance upscaling and anti-aliasing using MetalFX Upscaling.
C++ games and apps can tap into the power of Metal by bridging with metal-cpp.
Render graphics in a standard Metal view, load textures from many sources, and work efficiently with models provided by Model I/O using MetalKit.
Metal Shader Converter
Automatically convert all of your existing HLSL GPU shaders to Metal.
Aggregate and analyze per-device reports on power and performance metrics using MetricKit.
ML Compute
Accelerate training and validation of neural networks using the CPU and GPUs.
Mobile Core Services
Use uniform type identifier (UTI) information to create and manipulate data that can be exchanged between your app and other apps and services using Mobile Core Services.
Multipeer Connectivity
Support peer-to-peer connectivity and the discovery of nearby devices using Multipeer Connectivity.
MusicKit JS
Add an Apple Music player to your web app using MusicKit JS.
Let users play Apple Music and their local music library from your app or website using MusicKit.
Natural Language
Analyze natural language text and deduce its language-specific metadata using Natural Language.
Nearby Interaction
Locate and interact with nearby devices using distance, direction, and identifier.
Network connections send and receive data using transport and security protocols.
Network Extension
Customize and extend the core networking features of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS using Network Extension.
Develop drivers for USB Ethernet adapters using NetworkingDriverKit.
Notarization is the process of scanning Developer ID-signed software for malicious components before distribution outside of the Mac App Store.
Create and manage app extensions that implement Today widgets using NotificationCenter.
Object Capture
Turn photos from your iPhone or iPad into high‑quality 3D models that are optimized for AR using the new Object Capture API on macOS Monterey.
Objective-C Runtime
The Objective-C runtime is a runtime library that supports the dynamic properties of the Objective-C language.
Objective-C is a programming language for writing iOS, iPadOS, and macOS apps.
Make responsive apps that update the presentation when underlying data changes.
On demand resources
On-demand resources are app contents that are hosted on the App Store and are separate from the related app bundle that you download.
Create 3D and 2D graphics effects using OpenGL ES, a compact and efficient subset of OpenGL.
Open Directory
Authenticate users and search for contact information in Open Directory and LDAP directories using OpenDirectory.
Organizer Window
Upload apps and view crash reports, energy reports, and performance metrics in the Organizer window in Xcode.
OSLog is a unified logging system for the reading of historical data.
Passkeys in iCloud Keychain
Use public-key-based credentials using the WebAuthn standard that are synced with iCloud Keychain.
Develop device drivers for Peripheral Component Interconnect accessories.
Display and manipulate PDF documents in your applications using PDFKit.
Capture touch input as an opaque drawing and turn it into high-quality images that can be displayed on iOS and macOS using PencilKit.
Performance Partners
The Performance Partners Program allows you to earn commissions on qualifying revenue by linking to Apple Music and iTunes content.
Improve your app's performance.
Provide a consistent spatial audio experience across all supported devices with geometry-aware audio.
Work with image and video assets managed by the Photos app, including those from iCloud Photos and Live Photos, using PhotoKit.
Photos and Imaging
Integrate still images and other forms of photography into your apps.
Use credentials from macOS login to perform single sign-on with an identity provider.
Playground Support
Share playground data, manage live views, and control the execution of a playground in Swift Playgrounds using Playground Support.
Playground Bluetooth
Display and manage connections to Bluetooth peripherals in Swift Playgrounds using Playground Bluetooth.
Preference Panes
Integrate your app's custom preferences into the System Preferences app using Preference Panes.
Discuss how to secure user data, respect user data preferences, support iCloud Private Relay and Mail Privacy Protection, replace CAPTCHAs with Private Access Tokens, and more. Ask about Privacy nutrition labels, Privacy manifests, and SDK digital signatures.
Professional Video Applications
Exchange data with Final Cut Pro X and create effects plugins for Final Cut Pro X and Motion using Professional Video Applications.
Develop and test different versions and features of your app.
Provisioning Profiles
A provisioning profile is a type of system profile used to launch one or more apps on devices and use certain services.
Respond to push notifications related to your app’s complications, file providers, and VoIP services using PushKit.
Let people send and receive audio in your app with the push of a button.
Manipulate time-based media using QTKit.
Allow users to browse, edit, and save images using slideshows and Core Image filters using Quartz.
Create network connections to send and receive data using the QUIC protocol.
Quick Note
Integrate the Notes app with your app and web content.
Create previews of files to use inside your app or perform simple edits on previews using QuickLook.
QuickLook Thumbnailing
Generate thumbnails for common file types and add a Thumbnail Extension to your app using QuickLook Thumbnailing.
Reality Composer
Prototype and produce content for AR experiences using Reality Composer.
Reality Composer Pro
Leverage the all new Reality Composer Pro, designed to make it easy to preview and prepare 3D content for your visionOS apps
Reality Converter
Convert, view, and customize USDZ 3D objects on Mac using Reality Converter.
Simulate and render 3D content for use in your augmented reality apps using RealityKit.
Release Notes
Learn about changes to the SDKs and tools using Release Notes.
Record or stream video from the screen and audio from the app and microphone using ReplayKit.
Enable your iOS app to become a powerful tool for medical research with the ResearchKit open source framework.
Create parametric 3D scans of rooms and room-defining objects.
Roster API
Access user and class information in Apple School Manager.
Safari and Web
Enable web views and services in your apps.
Safari Developer Tools
Inspect, edit, debug, and check the performance of your web content using Safari developer tools.
Safari Extensions
Enhance and customize the web browsing experience on Mac, iPhone, and iPad with Safari Extensions.
Safari is the web browser developed by Apple and built into all Apple devices.
Safari Services
Enable web views and services in your app using Safari Services.
Create 3D games and add 3D content to apps using high-level scene descriptions using SceneKit.
ScreenCaptureKit brings high-performance screen capture, including audio and video, to macOS.
Screen Saver
Animate screen savers and interact with the screen saver infrastructure using Screen Saver.
Screen Time
Share and manage web-usage data, and observe changes made to Screen Time settings by a parent or guardian.
Enable handwriting-to-text conversion in any text field on iPad with Apple Pencil using the UIScribbleInteraction and UIIndirectScribbleInteraction APIs.
Scripting allows you to automate complex, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks by writing scripts that interact with apps, processes, and the operating system.
Scripting Bridge
Automate scriptable apps by sending and receiving Apple events using Scripting Bridge.
Develop drivers for SCSI protocol-based devices.
Secure the data your app manages and control access to your app using the Security framework.
Security Foundation
Restrict a user’s access to particular features in your macOS app or daemon using Security Foundation.
Security Interface
The Security Interface framework is a set of Objective-C classes that provide user interface elements for programs that implement security features.
Retrieve data and derived metrics from iPhone sensors or from a paired Apple Watch.
Develop drivers for serial I/O devices connected to Mac.
Service Management
The Service Management framework provides facilities to load and unload launchd services and read and modify launchd dictionaries from within an application.
SF Symbols
Enhance your app with a set of symbols that integrate seamlessly with the San Francisco system font.
Shader Graph Editor
A easy to use visual editor for your materials all within Reality Composer Pro
Shared with You
Bring your app’s collaboration experiences into Messages and FaceTime, and highlight content from your app that people shared in Messages in a Shared with You section within your app.
Get exact audio matching for any audio source using the Shazam catalog or a custom catalog in an app.
Help users quickly accomplish tasks related to your app with their voice or with a tap with the Shortcuts API.
Sign in with Apple JS
Provide users with a fast, secure way to sign into your web service with their Apple ID using Sign in with Apple JS.
Sign in with Apple REST API
The Sign in with Apple REST API allows your app's servers to communicate with Apple’s authentication servers.
Sign in with Apple
Sign in with Apple enables users to sign into apps and websites using their Apple ID.
Sign In with Apple at Work & School
Sign in with Apple enables users to sign into work and school apps and websites using their managed Apple ID using Sign In with Apple at Work & School.
Signing Certificates
A signing certificate is a digital identity used for code signing during the build and archive process.
simd provides types and functions for small vector and matrix computations.
Rapidly prototype and test builds of your app during the development process using Simulator.
Siri and Voice
Help users quickly accomplish tasks related to your app using just their voice.
Siri Event Suggestions Markup
Embed reservation data in email and webpages that updates user’s calendars and informs suggestions from Siri.
Handle requests for your app’s services from users using Siri or Maps.
SMS and Call Reporting
Provide extensions to manage unwanted communication using SMS and Call Reporting.
Post content to supported social networking services that use standard system interfaces by using Social.
Sound and Haptics
Create meaningful and delightful experiences that engage a wider range of senses with sound and haptic design.
Sound Analysis
Analyze streamed and file-based audio to classify it as a particular type using Sound Analysis.
Recognize spoken words in recorded or live audio using Speech.
Search for files and index your app’s content for searching using Spotlight.
Drawing shapes, particles, text, images, and video in two dimensions using SpriteKit.
SSO Extensions
Enable single sign-on for apps and websites for your business or school.
Support in-app purchases and interactions with the App Store using StoreKit.
StoreKit Test
Create and automate tests in Xcode for your app's submission and in-app purchase transactions.
Give users access to content, services, or premium features in your app on an ongoing basis with subscriptions, a type of in-app purchase.
Swans Quest
Discuss Swan's Quest, the Swift Playgrounds challenge introduced at WWDC20.
Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for Apple platforms and beyond.
Swift Charts
Visualize data with highly customizable charts across all Apple platforms using the compositional syntax of SwifUI.
SwiftData is an all-new framework for managing data within your apps. Models are described using regular Swift code, without the need for custom editors.
Swift Packages
Create reusable code, organize it in a lightweight way, and share it across Xcode projects and with other developers using Swift Packages.
Swift Playgrounds
Learn and explore coding in Swift through interactive learning experiences on the Swift Playgrounds app for iPadOS and macOS.
Swift Student Challenge
Ask questions and connect with other challenge applicants.
Swift Testing
Swift Testing is a framework with expressive and intuitive APIs that make testing your Swift code a breeze.
Provide views, controls, and layout structures for declaring your app's user interface using SwiftUI.
System Configuration
SystemConfiguration allows applications to access a device’s network configuration settings and determine the reachability of the device.
System Extensions
Install and manage user space code that extends the capabilities of macOS using System Extensions.
Read, write, analyze and manipulate unstructured data using Tabular Data.
Tap to Pay on iPhone
Accept contactless payments right on iPhone in your payment apps without any extra terminals or hardware.
TensorFlow accelerates machine learning model training with Metal on Mac GPUs.
TestFlight within App Store Connect allows you to invite and manage testers who can install and beta test your iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps using the TestFlight app on the App Store.
Detect issues like logic failures, UI problems, and performance regressions by running tests on your app.
Manage text storage and perform custom layout of text-based content in your app's views using TextKit.
Intelligently educate your users about the right features at the right time with TipKit.
Touch ID
Securely unlock devices, authenticate purchases, sign in to apps, and more with fingerprint recognition using Touch ID.
Create individual pages inside of a client-server app using Apple TV Markup Language (TVML).
Create tvOS client-server apps using web technologies to stream media and respond to events using TVMLKit JS.
Create client-server apps by incorporating JavaScript and TVML files in your binary app using TVMLKit.
tvOS is the operating system for Apple TV.
TV Services
Help users discover your app by providing top shelf content and a description of your tvOS app using TV Services.
Show common user interface elements from Apple TV in your native app using TVUIKit.
Implement good typography technique, make the most of the advanced features in Apple system fonts, and integrate custom fonts.
UI Frameworks
Discuss the different user interface frameworks available for your app.
Construct and manage graphical, event-driven user interfaces for iOS or tvOS apps using UIKit.
Uniform Type Identifiers
The Uniform Type Identifiers framework provides a collection of common types, and maps them to MIME and file types.
Universal Apps
A single Universal app includes native binaries that run on Intel-based Macs and Apple Silicon Macs.
Universal Links Allow your users to intelligently follow links to content in your app or to your website using universal links.
Develop drivers for USB-based devices using USBDriverKit.
USDZ is a 3D file format that shows up as AR content on a website.
User Notifications
Push user-facing notifications to the user's device from a server or generate them locally from your app using User Notifications.
Integrate video and other forms of moving visual media into your apps.
Work directly with hardware-accelerated video encoding and decoding capabilities using VideoToolbox.
Create hardware-accelerated virtual machines to run macOS and Linux-based operating systems.
Apply computer vision algorithms to perform a variety of tasks on input images and video using Vision.
Discuss developing for spatial computing and Apple Vision Pro.
Scan documents with the camera on iPhone and iPad devices using VisionKit.
Visual Design
Discuss animation, branding, color, layout, typography, and other elements of great looking apps.
The vmnet API allows virtual machines to read and write packets on guest operating systems.
Offer rewards cards, boarding passes, tickets, gift cards, and more using Wallet.
Watch Connectivity
Implement two-way communication between an iOS app and its paired watchOS app using Watch Connectivity.
Build apps that leverage watchOS features like background tasks, extended runtime sessions, and access to the Digital Crown using WatchKit.
watchOS is the operating system for Apple Watch.
Watch Complications
Display timely and relevant information about your app on the Apple Watch face using Complications.
Bring weather information to your apps and services through a wide range of data that can help people stay up to date, safe, and prepared.
Web Inspector
Discuss Web Inspector, which gives you quick and easy access to the richest set of development tools ever included in a web browser.
WebKit JS
Access and modify DOM elements within a webpage, including touch events and visual effects, using WebKit JS.
Display web content in windows and implement browser features using WebKit.
Display 3d graphics content on the web in an immersive fashion.
Show relevant, glanceable content from your app on iOS and iPadOS Home Screen and Lock Screen, macOS Desktop, Apple Watch Smart Stack and Complications, and in StandBy mode on iPhone.
The WorkoutKit framework provides the ability to create, preview, and schedule planned workouts for the Workout app on Apple Watch.
Build, test, and submit your app using Xcode, Apple's integrated development environment.
Xcode Cloud
Automate workflows to test, analyze, build, and distribute your app, and integrate them with other developer tools, such as Testflight and App Store Connect.
Xcode Previews
Create an app UI and configure almost everything your users see using Xcode Previews.
Xcode Sanitizers and Runtime Issues
Xcode Runtime Issues are reports of programming errors found at run time. Issues can be found by variety of tools, including Address Sanitizer (ASan), Main Thread Checker (MTC), Thread Sanitizer (TSan), and Undefined Behavior Sanitizer (UBSan).
Xcode Server
Xcode Server controls server-side bots that continuously build, analyze, test, and even archive your Xcode projects.
Xcode Static Analyzer
The Xcode Clang Static Analyzer finds bugs in Objective-C, C, and C++ code. It finds hard-to-produce, edge-case bugs without the need to run code and shows the sequence of steps along which the bug occurs.
Find the path to a macOS SDK version on disk using the xcselect function.
Create and run unit tests, performance tests, and UI tests for your Xcode project using XCTest.
XPC is a a low-level (libSystem) interprocess communication mechanism that is based on serialized property lists.
The Z shell (Zsh) is a Unix shell that can be used as an interactive login shell and as a command interpreter for shell scripting.